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Sunday, February 4, 2007



Here this the main and the simple rules to link exchange with this blog ;
  1. Your blog should Do-Follow blog.
  2. You shoud put the correct URL and anchor. The URL is and the anchor is DMOZ Link Exchange.
  3. The links should stay as the permanent link at your blog/site.
  4. The links should be put on the blogroll or sitewide link.
  5. You should put our link first, then we will put your links at this blog.
  6. We will detect your links at the technorati, So you don't have to confirm your links to us. But if you need us to link your blog/site immediately then you can go and contact us.
  7. If you want your link to be reviewed by us at the post, then you can ask for it. Or you can provide us the unique reviews about your blog/site then you give to us through the mail and we will post at this blog.
So, happy Link Exchange :)

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Thursday, January 4, 2007



If you want to Link Exchange with DMOZ Link Exchange Blog, all you need to do is follow this simple steps.
  1. Put our links to your site/blog with Link is "" and the anchor text is "DMOZ Link Exchange".
  2. Put your links details to the chat box at the sidebar or you can email me at
  3. We will review and add your links asap.
  4. If you find your links didn't appear at the Link Exchange section at the footer, you can contact us again. We will follow up the problems, asap.
  5. Your link will stay forever, as long we can find our link at your site/blog. :)
Wanna try? Be the first to serve :D

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